We are proud to present you with the first distinguishing element of Carpam’s brand new direction. After over 40 years in business, the company has resolved to renew its own Company Logo, embracing the future, ever mindful of the past.

We started from two abbreviations which have historically featured in our logo: “Carp“, which stands for Carpentry, and “Am”, a reference to the surname, Amadori.

Upon combining both words, we also took into consideration colours which accompanied us for many years, embracing trendier nuances as a reflection of our keeping up with the times.

Particular attention has been devoted to the letter “C” which features colourful curves, evoking the sinuous lines of our creations designed to support and adapt to various seating solutions and designer arm chairs.

Lastly, we also chose to include the year of foundation1976, as a reminder to customers of where we come from, even though we have always looked to the future, right from the outset.